APEX® Service-now Platform

APEX® Service-now Platform

Full ITIL aligned IT service-management with additional capabilities

Improve efficiency

Reduce operational costs

Increase control and governance

Improve visibility into operations

Wavex has used ServiceNow™ (the global leader in Service Management) as the platform to develop APEX®, providing a range of unique capabilities only a click away. We believe that investing in the right people and best tools leads to the best service. However, despite all our technology, we are a staff-centric business fundamentally focusing on empowering people with the right tools to perform their jobs efficiently without interruption.

What APEX® does

APEX® is unique to the Wavex service offering, it is a designed to deliver a number of client focused benefits. A few examples of these are:

  • New Starter / Leaver processes – Manage complex new starter process.
  • Incident Management – Ability to review every detail with regard to incident management.
  • Change Management – Used to ensure all changes are approved and carefully considered to minimise business disruption. Wavex have developed a number of change workflows within Apex® and can extend access to this functionality to internal IT teams.
  • Strategy – Ability to manage IT strategy, providing clear graphical representation of the organisation’s IT strategy.
  • Procurement Portal – This is available to clients to request training and IT equipment and is supported by appropriate approval workflows.
  • Cyber-Awareness – Wavex has developed applications to help raise awareness of ransomware.
  • Reporting – Dashboards and custom reports can be created using any of the data available within APEX®
  • Problem Management – A function dedicated to researching recurring incidents.
  • APEX® App – Continuous, context aware, communications to staff to ensure they are informed as to progress of their request. Asset Management (continually reviewing all PCs, Laptops and software). Feedback mechanisms (asking for feedback after work is completed).
  • Asset Management – Providing up to date view of their IT assets and which staff member is using them. Assets are queried via the APEX® app and then update the asset registry.
  • Invoicing – All invoices are available online.
  • Warranty Management – Providing contractual warranty positions on all assets
  • Certificate Management – Providing certificate currency information
  • Knowledge Management – A range of knowledge articles designed for both staff and also engineers. This shared repository ensures all IT staff can collaborate around documentation.
  • Governance – ability to review risks and remediations.
  • Change Control – A range of bespoke change control processes. These minimise the risk of performing changes through a range of review and approval processes.
  • Broadcast SMS – An ability to SMS all staff should an emergency occur which limits network access.

There are other interfaces to APEX® which have been customised for specific user-groups:

APEX® Customer Portal

The APEX® portal is an end-user facing interface accessible via the web. This provides end-users a range of IT services from raising issues, buying equipment, starting cyber-response processes, testing security, or instigating a new-user or leaver process.

This can also be accessed via a mobile device providing enhanced accessibility to users who are out and about.

APEX® Customer Portal

The APEX® IT portal provides clients with in-house IT staff access to a fully functional instance of ServiceNow™. This facilitates information flows between Wavex’s engineers and client’s IT team. The purpose of this is to provide a truly seamless IT engagement for staff.

In-house IT engineers have access to extensive ITIL aligned capabilities from incident, problem and change management, to security, monitoring and notification systems.

For in-house IT executives, a full array of ITIL aligned dashboards help demonstrate trends and associated commercials.

Apex® deliver services that amaze your end-users, increase productivity, and achieve new insights by consolidating to the most innovative ITSM solution.

Jonathan Gill, Lead Technical Architect: Wavex Technology

Did you know that Wavex can deploy a fully functional and configured instance of ServiceNow™ for your in-house IT team in a few days?

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