Cloud Migration & Management

Cloud Migration & Management

83% of enterprise workloads will be
in the cloud by next year*

Source: Logic Monitor

Despite a continuous move to Software-as-a-Service many organisations operate with a mix of on-premise infrastructure, some in their own hosting facility, and some within public cloud providers like AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Irrespective to the current location of your infrastructure, Wavex can provide a range of cloud management and migration capabilities to help monitor & notify, maintain & manage, and automate your environment.

As a Microsoft Gold Cloud partner, Wavex focus primarily on the Microsoft Azure public cloud offering. However, many Wavex clients also reside with alternative vendors.

Did you know that Wavex clients have access to ANA which empowers staff to make a range of changes to Office 365 themselves while adhering to company policies?

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Our cloud migration & management
services help organisations who:

Take the first step towards enhancing your Cloud strategy with Wavex

  • Speak to Wavex about your requirements

  • Demonstration of cloud capabilities

  • High-level proposal & business case

  • Sign-off

  • Project commencement (without impacting production environment)

  • User-acceptance testing

  • Monitoring & automation configuration

  • Go-Live / Switch over to new environment