Email Management Solutions

Email Management Solutions

73% of those organisations impacted by impersonation attacks experience a direct loss

Source: The state of email security report - Mimecast

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Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection safeguards your organization and employees against sophisticated email-borne attacks. It helps defend against attackers trying to steal data or credentials, plant ransomware, trick and employees into transferring money. These kinds of threats that require advanced security measures over and above that provided by traditional email security systems.

Key features

  • Granular protection against malware-less email attacks seeking to impersonate trusted senders.
  • Weaponized attachment defences including sandboxing and safe file conversion.
  • Protection against malicious URLs for every click and all devices.
  • Flexible policy management with fine control over all email routing, handling and quarantine rules.
  • Cloud delivery with significantly reduced TCO relative to traditional point or on-premises solutions.
  • Protection against threats from internally generated emails.
  • Mobile and desktop employee self-service applications to reduce the burden on the IT and Security teams.
  • Granular signature and disclaimer management tools.

Protecting all inbound and outbound communications is now critical to minimise cyber-crime. The sophistication of these attacks often tricks unsuspecting staff so appropriate automated defences is a must for all businesses

Jonathan Gill, Lead Technical Architect: Wavex Technology

Did you know that Wavex uses a specialised technology to continually assess the end-user experience of using IT, which helps to ensure staff can work productively at all times?

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