Wavex’s key strength lies in – our technology, our people and our track record of delivering real, measurable results for our customers.

Better Technology

With our CEO, Gavin Russell’s vision and the company’s 20 years experience in developing innovative and trend-setting systems, our unique technology sets our client’s user experience apart from other IT services providers:

Innovations we are proud of:

Creating the fastest support service

ANA (our automation platform) super-charge customers so they can solve many recurring requests in seconds.

Minimising security incidents

APEX Secure continually assesses IT vulnerabilities in the entire organisation to help reduce risks.

Keeping staff productive

MonX (our monitoring platform) empowers customers with real-time actionable insights to pinpoint and proactively fix problems.

Easing our client’s GDPR burden

Our GDPR audit platform helps customers in finding PII data, providing them with a real-time searchable database to locate exactly which documents in which folder contain specific individual’s data.

Better People

Wavex, as a services business, is all about people. Technology can only go so far in providing excellent service, you need great people to deliver it.

We continually invest in hiring the strongest IT professionals – those with a natural acumen for the technology and a flair for non-technical communication with customers. This breed of IT professional is hard to come by, which is why we’ve built sophisticated internal recruitment processes to ensure only the very best IT staff work with our clients.

We value diversity in the workplace and expect and promote mutual respect and understanding between people with different personal situations or backgrounds.

Better Results

Since 1998, our vision has been to change the way people look at managed IT services. Our clients get an excellent experience of IT and are able to work efficiently, securely from any device, anywhere. We are also committed to delivering ROI driven services to our customers and our performance speaks for itself.

Creating real, measurable impact


security incidents averted by APEX Secure (last 30 days)

2,699 hours

ahead of SLA target (last 6 months)


positive feedbacks from customers (last 6 months)

0.3 seconds

fastest request resolution time*

*Using our ANA platform.
Results as of December 1st 2019.

Our recent awards

Industry Partners

We only partner with industry leaders to provide:

The best of Microsoft for your end-user productivity and your back office systems.

The best of Qualys for your security management

The best of ServiceNow to help you manage your strategy, 3rd party suppliers, and IT governance

The best of next generation firewalling from Palo Alto

The best of Aerohive for super-quick and secure WiFi