Application Management

Application Management

50% of all Cyber-attacks are targeted at small businesses

Source: Cybint research

In-built security

Improved performance

Best user-experience

Flexible by design

Microsoft Intune application management is a cloud-based service that enables data management and device enrolment of mobiles, laptops and desktops for application deployment and management within a centralized Cloud console.

It is also a service that enables your workforce to be productive while keeping your corporate data protected. Intune integrates with Azure Active Directory for additional security capabilities and access control for compliance purposes.

Wavex often use Microsoft Intune as a core security component in a transformation project.

Key features

  • Configuring applications with standard settings on all devices, including mobile devices
  • Controlling how corporate data is used and shared on mobile applications
  • Removing corporate data from mobile applications
  • Updating applications
  • Reporting on mobile application inventory
  • Tracking mobile application usage

With Microsoft Intune you can securely manage devices (iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS) from a single and unified mobile solution, allowing you to focus on business needs with a globally scalable cloud service that’s always updated.

Jonathan Monks, Product Manager: Wavex Technology

Did you know that Wavex provides every client with a dynamic IT roadmap to continually provide an overview of IT strategy and ensure it meets changing business requirements?

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