3rd Party Application Support

3rd Party Application Support

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Improve customer experience

Free up internal resources

Most businesses use a range of 3rd party applications which fall into two main categories – Line-of-business (LOB) which provide capabilities designed specifically for a specific sector, and other general applications designed to meet a specific need. General applications may be Adobe Acrobat, or Excel plugins.

3rd party applications are developed by a number of vendors with each one offering different support services. For instance, one vendor may have only email support whereas another only provides support during 9-5 pm.

The Wavex support contracts are designed around the specific requirements of your business, however, should a critical line-of-business application vendors offer inadequate IT support services this can impact user productivity.


No client is identical to the next. It is therefore impossible to create a single process that is ideal for every client. Our development capabilities help us cater our systems and processes to meet a clients specific needs so each client gets the exact service they require which support their internal policies.

Gavin Russell, CEO: Wavex Technology

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Why choose Wavex for your 3rd party application support:


Inbuilt security & vulnerability management


Available 24/7/365


Reduce costs


A comprehensive audit of your 3rd party applications

Take your first step towards our 3rd party application support service

  • Speak to Wavex

  • Audit 3rd party and line-of-business applications

  • Discuss support requirements with vendors

  • Financial Business Case / Sign-off

  • Configure support processes

  • Build knowledge articles

  • Training & User Acceptance Testing (where necessary)

  • Go-Live