Enable Growth

Enable Growth

By next year, 75% of organisations will have deployed a multi-or-hybrid cloud model*

Source: Gartner Inc.

Grow efficiently

Ensure your organisation is looking ahead to the future rather than firefighting the present

Downscale at will

Remain agile and make changes to your IT environment to meet the needs of the moment

Economies of scale

Leverage technology to reduce operating costs and gain a competitive advantage or increase profit margins

Rapid deployment

Reduce time-to-market with our smooth and ultra-fast deployment

Accelerate your organisation’s growth through scalable IT services. Empowering your growth potential from both a technology and cultural perspective is critical to improve margins, growing revenues and to maintain your competitive edge.

Technology can do a lot to support an organisation’s growth – it can help turn data into actionable insights, it can enable staff to be truly mobile, it can identify trends and opportunities, and it can help drive research and development to bring new products and services to market. A scalable IT solution provided by a trusted managed services provider can safeguard continuous cost savings as part of the scalable IT system infrastructure.

Don’t let technology limitations stand in the way of growth. Our fully outsourced IT services can efficiently and cost-effectively scale as your needs change or business grows.

The Wavex Solution

Whether you are buying businesses or driving R&D, Wavex can ensure your technology services and platforms support your growth aspirations, while keeping your data secure.

From flexible cloud services to accommodate your data and security requirements, to a range of project services to help plan and implement change, to a range of proactive support services which can flex as your organisation requires.

Every organisation needs to implement one or more IT solutions and if those are not scalable enough, it will not only create problems in the everyday business operation but will also hinder the overall growth of the company.

Gavin Russell, CEO: Wavex Technology

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Our scalable IT solutions help organisations who are looking to:

On-board new acquisition targets

Keep up with recent business growth

Expand to new geographies

Speed-up the onboarding process

Improve the speed of innovation

Take the first step to accelerate your organisation’s growth

  • Speak to Wavex about your growth strategy

  • Demonstration of capabilities

  • High-level proposal & business case

  • Sign-off

  • Implementation / Professional Services

  • User-acceptance testing & training (where necessary)

  • Go-Live