Cyber Security

Cyber Security


60% of businesses fail within 6 months of a cyber attack

Source: Cyber Security Ventures

Stop threats

Prepare your business for addressing risk and speed up the process for uncovering threats.

Improve compliance

Stay up to date with industry standards and provide added value to your customers.

Grow business

Ingrain security into your organization’s muscle memory and unlock your business potential.

Educate employees

Enable employees to readily understand risks and embrace security controls as part of their everyday working practices.


Cyber security services are now a fundamental tenant to any IT security strategy. However, good IT security can only be delivered through information security strategies that address a wide range of information technology. Furthermore, simply protecting an organisation is no longer enough. Providing full auditability is also vital, so that any IT security strategy can continually evolve. Wavex can provide a range of audit systems for your IT infrastructure.

The Wavex Solution

Unlike the majority of IT providers who focus their monitoring platforms on particular items of infrastructure, Wavex assess every single device on the network looking for potential security vulnerabilities in your IT estate. This includes mobiles, printers, hubs & switches. We firmly believe that no matter how strong a firm’s security it only takes one unmanaged device to significantly raise the risk profile.

Wavex also have a critical incident process which comprises of a technical response but also engagement with a client’s senior management (or IT head) to provide continuous dialogue as to the progress of the troubleshooting or remediation.

Our security services fall into two categories – proactive and reactive. Proactive activities are designed to reduce the likelihood of future risks and reactive services are designed to provide a rapid response once a serious issue occurs.

Jonathan Monks, Product Manager: Wavex Technology

Our security solutions focus on:

Staff (Training & Awareness)

Business Processes

Network and Perimeter Security

Infrastructure Security

Internet Security

Email Security

Device Security

Data Security

Did you know that Wavex clients can review all their IT vulnerabilities across every device within APEX®?

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Our security services are designed to help organisations who:

Must adhere to regulations which stipulate security measures and auditability

Has been a victim to a cyber-crime

Are concerned about data being moved externally and possibly to alternative regions

Has a growing mobile staff population

Needs to modernise to maintain a competitive advantage

Take your first step to enhancing your IT security with Wavex

  • Speak to Wavex

  • Demonstration of capabilities

  • Security assessment

  • High-level proposal & business case

  • Sign-off

  • Implementation

  • User-acceptance testing & training

  • Go-Live