Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace


Productivity improves by 20% in organisations with connected employees

Source: McKinsey & Company

203 minutes per user

Save upto 203 minutes of weekly time per user, by improving collaboration

10 months

Industry leading payback time of 10 months

112 %

Get an ROI of 112% from your IT investment, in a period of 3 years

15.75 hours

Save upto 15.75 hours per user per year from reduced downtime

In these COVID19 times, today’s businesses are faced with a number of challenges – greater uncertainty about their future, increased staff mobility, cyber-threats, a plethora of computing devices, and a sprawling array of different software-as-a-service applications, are just a few of the modern-day challenges. Unless each of these areas is carefully considered, organisations risk data loss (or theft), potentially breaching their GDPR obligations, while their staff obtain an insecure and varied IT experience.

In addition, workplaces with legacy IT systems and services are often expensive to support and manage. Businesses today, can move to a modern workplace without increasing their monthly spend on IT support and can often decrease their IT spend.

The Wavex Solution

The Wavex Modern Workplace provides:-

Familiarity - a familiar IT desktop environment using the best from Microsoft

Secure - leveraging Wavex APEX Secure and Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection

Productivity - a range of collaboration tools from Teams to SharePoint to help your teams work together no matter where they are

Support - a rapid response service-desk to answer queries night and day

Cost effective - by reducing legacy IT equipment costs often come down

Flexibility - the future is uncertain so flexibility is a critical tenet. The modern workplace allows costs to track consumption so the solution scales with your business (up or down)

The key to success lies in the seamless implementation of a modern workplace strategy. Wavex, with a 20-year track record of delivering IT services for organisations, can deliver the Wavex modern workplace, and reduce your IT operating costs while, at the same time, increase your organisation’s productivity by creating a smarter IT experience for you and your colleagues.

The Modern Workplace is flexible, helping businesses quickly adapt to their changing environment. They can scale-up or down with costs aligned to consumption.

Wavex can either perform a complete low-risk digital transformation, building your new modern workplace without impacting your existing environment. Or, we can perform a gradual transformation, introducing newer capabilities over a pre-agreed timescale.


No client is identical to the next. It is therefore impossible to create a single process that is ideal for every client. Our development capabilities help us cater our systems and processes to meet a clients specific needs so each client gets the exact service they require which support their internal policies.

Gavin Russell, CEO: Wavex Technology

The Wavex solution provides a range of familiar platforms, all seamlessly coming together to form a familiar and modern IT workplace. These include familiar platforms like:

Microsoft Office 365

as your productivity suite

Microsoft Azure

for line-of-business servers

Windows 10

as the end-user operating system

APEX® Secure

to proactively manage vulnerabilities


to power good IT governance


Wavex can either perform a complete low-risk transformation, building your new modern workplace without impacting your existing environment. Or, we can perform a gradual transformation, introducing newer capabilities over a pre-agreed timescale.

Did you know that Wavex uses a specialised technology to continually assess the end-user experience of using IT, which helps to ensure staff can work productively at all times?

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The Modern Workplace help organisations who are looking to

Increase productivity

Control and secure data

Replace aged infrastructure

Protect against cyber-attacks

Build and maintain a competitive advantage

Take your first step towards a modern workplace

  • Speak to Wavex

  • Demonstration of capabilities

  • High-level proposal & business case

  • Sign-off

  • Microsoft Windows deployment

  • APEX® configuration and security assessment

  • User-acceptance testing & training

  • Go-Live