Manage Costs

Manage Costs


ROI of up to 112% from your IT investment, in a period of 3 years

Source: Forrester Study

Run IT like a business

Assess where technology can best be deployed across the organisation to minimise cost and maximise value

Improve visibility

Do the budgeting, forecasting and contract management well to effectively manage IT costs

Optimise IT spending

Build effective governance on all IT spending across the organisation

Flexible pricing

Scale up or down quickly with pay-as-you-go, consumption based pricing

Carefully managing the on-going IT costs is vital. Many businesses fail to correctly model the data consumption habits, which leads to budgets being exhausted earlier than expected and therefore challenging board discussions. Your managed service provider should be able to help you take control of your IT costs without compromising on quality, through automation, consolidation and process enhancements.

The Wavex Solution

Our fully outsourced IT services provides clients with simple budget mechanisms (on APEX®). This assigns all IT invoices with an appropriate budget code. The residual budget amounts are then available on the commercial dashboard.

This shared view of budgets helps Wavex provide helpful suggestions on how to mitigate risks well before the budgeted funds have been depleted.

Wavex was the first to offer clients their own on-line portal used to manage IT, containing a fully functional business intelligence tool. Wavex was also the first to develop a network management suite for smaller businesses and has performed hundreds of complex IT transformation projects for different types of businesses.

Savva Flouri, Finance Director: Wavex Technology

Wavex provides a range of commercial reports to assist in reporting and trend analysis, these are:

Invoice Analysis:

Real-time review of all invoice line-items grouped into sensible cost types (license, infrastructure, support etc.)

Vendor Spend Analysis:

An overview of the various 3rd parties that cover the total monthly invoice (e.g. Microsoft, BT etc.)

Hosting Unit Analysis:

Analysis of growth or reduction trends of the hosted infrastructure (normally storage or compute power) to facilitate better forecasting and budgeting.

Budget Overview:

Overview of residual budget amounts. Wavex recommends clients run a number of budgets for IT (for instance - Support, Projects, Infrastructure, and Licensing). However, these types can be defined as needed.

Did you know Wavex clients have a commercial dashboard where they can see all their IT costs and associated trends at any time.

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Our cost management services help organisations who are looking to:

Control increasing IT costs

Enjoy the economies of scale from their IT

Boost their IT department to deal with more incidents

Replace aged infrastructure

Organise rapidly growing data

Take your first step to outsourcing your service-desk

  • Speak to Wavex about your financial priorities

  • Demonstration of capabilities

  • High-level proposal & business case

  • Sign-off

  • Implementation / Professional Services

  • User-acceptance testing & training (where necessary)

  • Reduced IT costs and improved cost transparency