The tools and resources you need to transform your IT.


The Future of IT Support

Although many of us are working from home through necessity, post-lockdown many organisations expect to have 50% of staff working from home at any one time. So with distributed workforce, how are IT support services of the future going to fare?

Digital Transformation in the Covid-19 era

Digital Transformation can keep your business competitive and agile in uncertain times, but how do you ensure it's successful? This whitepaper outlines the digital transformation practices you can't afford to ignore.

IT Outsourcing Guide

A definitive guide to IT outsourcing. This whitepaper unveils the latest IT trends and some of the best kept secrets of IT industry to help you choose the right IT partner and make the most of your IT spend.

How to Survive a Phishing Attack

Your phishing attack survival guide. This whitepaper covers the 7 Golden Rules of surviving a phishing attack and some practical tips to make it impossible for a hacker to access your data.

Your Guide to Building a Modern Workplace

Meet the future-ready modern workplace. Discover what it looks like, it’s benefits, how much does it cost to implement and some practical tips on how to take your first step.

Top 7 IT outsourcing pitfalls

Looking to outsource your IT? Your IT function is fundamental to your security and staff productivity. This white paper outlines the key considerations you should keep in mind in order to avoid a range of IT problems.

Outsource IT or Hire

Making the decision to hire or outsource is a complicated one which has major ramifications for the business. The right decision today is unlikely to be the right decision forever - as your business grows and evolves, your requirements change.

30-60-100 Day Plan

New leadership position in IT? This whitepaper leverages Gartner’s insights lays out a clear course of action for new IT leaders during the first 100 days of their new job.

IT Maturity Assessment

A free personalised IT maturity assessment report.


Business IT Services

Wavex Uniti® provides the core services that you and your colleagues need to be productive and achieve your businesses goals

Commercial Dashboard

A dashboard designed to help you review the commercial performance of our services.

IT Dashboard

An overview of your IT roadmap to ensure your IT aligns with your business strategy.

End-user portal

Raise support requests in no time with our simple and easy to use portal for end users.

ANA – Password reset

Speed-up your IT and improve staff productivity with our Autonomous Network Administrator.