Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud data centers will process 94% of workloads in the future


Wavex provides a range of services designed to operate, manage, maintain and monitor your public, private or hybrid Cloud estate:

Why choose Wavex for your Cloud project?

Cloud adoption requires the utmost care in planning and deployment and is certain to provide long-term advantages for your business. Our IT services can help midmarket organisations through the process of planning and deployment using a dynamic set of practices in a controlled approach.

Wavex is a certified Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. By working with a Tier 1 Partner you remove the confusion or hassle of trying to coordinate multiple Cloud solutions with multiple providers and a dedicated IT support team that will never let you down. The end result is far more power for your systems, processes and applications. Whether your organisation is best served by Public Cloud, Private Cloud or some combination of the two, working with a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP partner means you'll get the exact solution you need, customised to suit your individual requirements.

As a certified
Microsoft cloud
solution provider,
Wavex can
provide you
with the following

Seamless transition to cloud
Microsoft is shifting away from individual service and is largely encouraging companies to work with certified CSPs. Wavex can enable your organisation to make the transition to the cloud, keep your customers happy, and have a seamless experience along the way. At Wavex, we work with clients at every stage of their cloud adoption journey.

Centralised services and disaster recovery
Partnering with Wavex means that you have a stack of centralised services and disaster recovery solutions at your fingertips. No matter where your business takes you, Wavex cloud services makes it possible to access your information from anywhere, offering amazing collaboration and continuity. With 99.9% availability in Microsoft Azure, you're also able to significantly reduce the risk of downtime

Lightning fast support
When you choose Wavex, you get Microsoft's support and interfacing. Wavex works closely with Microsoft support to ensure the best customer service is delivered to you. You'll benefit from faster answers and resolutions, which ultimately leads to a better experience for your end-users.

Cost Savings
A major benefit of partnering with Wavex for your cloud project is the cost-savings and stability you can expect. Outsourcing not only lifts the burden of finding and hiring dedicated expertise in-house, but there are discounts and rebates that Wavex (being a CSP) can pass onto our customers. Additionally, the cloud services offer applications and computing at a monthly cost that is predictable and flexible, which significantly reduces the capital expenditures of on-premises equipment and maintenance.