Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is used by 95% of Fortune 500 companies


Be future-ready without increasing budgets

Leverage IT security with Wavex

Unlimited flexibility

Accelerate innovation

Be future-ready without increasing budgets

Microsoft Azure services (formerly known as “Windows Azure”) is the future of Cloud services. It offers far more than hosting. Core server functions have been presented “as-a-service” so organisations no longer need to maintain servers and back-office applications, reducing costs and providing functional enhancements.

Those organisations that truly leverage the power of Microsoft Azure services can be more agile, innovative and secure, without increasing IT budgets.

Leverage security with Wavex

Windows Azure services offer a wide gamut of IT security and compliance capabilities however, benefiting from these IT services can be complex.

The majority of Wavex staff are Windows Azure qualified, whether that be design & architecture, delivery or management & IT support, and the advanced security features have been integrated into our APEX® platform (built on ServiceNow) to enhance many IT support processes and provide clients easy access to these capabilities.

Protect your data, infrastructure and apps with advanced security intelligence and dramatically reduce risks within your organisation.

Unlimited flexibility

A core tenet of Microsoft Azure is its flexibility and almost limitless scale. And for those international client’s their IT infrastructure can be deployed anywhere in the world; close to the user-population to provide an excellent user-experience, or within particular legal boundaries to ensure adherence to specific regulations.

Backup, disaster recovery and high-availability are built into many of the Azure services freeing up IT resources to focus on innovation and developing value.

Accelerate innovation

Windows Azure includes a wide range of IT services all carefully built to meet a range of organisational challenges. The interoperability of these services provides allows complex solutions to be built with relative ease.

Solutions can be designed in a development environment, tested, then moved to production without any impact to existing workloads or the user population.

And charges are OPEX and represent consumption, therefore organisations are only paying for what they need today.

Microsoft Azure accreditations

Did you know that Wavex clients have access to ANA which empowers staff to make a range of changes to Office 365 themselves while adhering to company policies?

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Azure Data Centres

Defence in Depth

Azure Data Centres utilise unmarked and discreet buildings with perimeter fencing, video cameras, security personnel, secure entrances, real-time communications and monitoring networks. All this to protect the physical assets and data contained within which are maintained to conform to the highest regulatory frameworks.


The hyper-scale Cloud providers such as Microsoft have invested to create some of the best connected networks in the world, Microsoft peers with over two thousand ISP’s globally to reduce latency and ensure a fast and reliable experience for customers, creating one of the world’s largest fibre backbones, providing 3 terabytes per second connectivity between its data centres and peers.

Power and efficacy

Microsoft has developed a proprietary tool called SCRY that tracks power usage, server utilisation and carbon output along with environmental conditions inside and outside the datacentre.

Operating the datacentres at a wider temperature range allows power and cooling to be approached differently, with only a few select locations still running conventional cooling systems at all; using air, water, and humidity to keep servers cool results in extremely low energy consumption, enabling reduced cost of services and a better environmental footprint.

The DC teams work hard to increase the temperature and humidity range that the servers can tolerate while still operating within optimum reliability and performance.

Microsoft have recently committed to carbon neutrality for all internal operations across more than 100 countries associated with their data centres, software development labs, offices, and air travel.

Massive generators provide backup power in the event of power grid failure, but increasingly Cloud services and data centre design improvements reduce dependency on expensive redundancies, as well as exploring ways to provide backup power through environment means to remove reliance on diesel generation.

The operational teams always work on a follow the sun around the clock model to provide operational capability.


As Microsoft services have scaled, services have become geo-redundant. There are many active nodes in the network, and software automates the failover, now if we lose an active node or even an entire data centre, the customers will still have service.

To become more independent of the power grid, Microsoft are exploring ways to generate power cleanly for use within the data centres the latest modular data centres use about 50% less power than the traditional data centres.

Microsoft have invested some $15 billion in globally distributed Cloud infrastructure that is secure, scalable, reliable, and efficient. $9.5 billion is being invested in Research and Development to grow capacity while continually improving operational processes. Every day Microsoft run more than 200 global Cloud services and process trillions of transactions for billions of people.

Operational Excellence

Robust policies and procedures keep customers data and sites secure from attack, while protecting privacy of personally identifiable information.

Azure is continuously investing in the latest infrastructure technologies, with a focus on high reliability, operational excellence, cost-effectiveness, environmental sustainability, and a trustworthy online experience for customers and partners worldwide.

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