Cloud Backup & Backup Services- Azure

3.8 million UK businesses do not adhere to backup best-practice - therefore data loss is likely

Source: Beaming UK business leaders’ study

Secure and highly available

Reduce unnecessary costs

Easily deploy and manage

Protect against ransomware

Wavex regularly use Azure Cloud Backup as a core component of an IT transformation project.

Secure and highly available

Azure Cloud Backup services stores three copies of your data in three different locations in the Azure Datacentre and another three copies in an Azure datacentre in a remote location. Data is encrypted before it leaves your datacentre, sent over a secure connection to Azure, and stored encrypted in Azure.

Reduce unnecessary costs

Azure Cloud Backup services gives you the flexibility to pick and choose the data you want to protect, for as long as you want to protect it. Backup is designed to be cost effective whether you’re interested in short or long-term retention. And, you can restore virtual machines or individual files and folders – in Azure or on-premises – as needed, for free.


Deploys easily

Use Backup in Azure and on-premises, and with Windows, Linux, VMware and Hyper-V. Backup automatically detects your on-premises VMware virtual machines and connects them to Azure. Three clicks and your Azure VMs are backed up. As all your backup information is in a central dashboard, you can quickly decide what you need to restore if you unexpectedly lose data. With just a few clicks, you can export Power Business Intelligence reports about your backups – making compliance easy.

Protects against ransomware

Set up limited access control so only your authorised users can perform critical backup operations. You will get a notification if Backup detects any suspicious activity – before your data is compromised. Any unauthorised deletions of your backups will be kept for days, to give you time to secure your environment and start the recovery process.


Did you know that Wavex clients have access to ANA which empowers staff to make a range of changes to Office 365 themselves while adhering to company policies?

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Outsource IT or Hire

Making the decision to hire or outsource is a complicated one which has major ramifications for the business. The right decision today is unlikely to be the right decision forever - as your business grows and evolves, your requirements change.

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