APEX® ATD - Advanced Threat Detection for Office 365 & Azure

APEX® ATD - Advanced Threat Detection for Office 365 & Azure

Detect cyber crime in minutes instead of 228 days*

*IBM - Cost of Data Breach Report

Why is detecting cyber crime challenging?

Surge in Cloud adoption

The target of cyber-crime is no longer the business network, but the Cloud and your staff.

228 days to detect a breach

It takes companies 228 days on average, to detect a cyber-breach, according to IBM.

SMEs increasingly targeted by hackers

One in 5 SMBs have fallen victim to a ransomware attack, according to Datto's Ransomware Report.

75% of CEOs Will be Personally Liable for Cyber-security Incidents by 2024*


What is APEX® ATD?

APEX® ATD provides organisations a way to detect cyber-crime early.

It identifies risky activities and leverages the knowledge of your staff to accurately separate real threats from false-positives.

If your CEO forwards their email to Hotmail - was it them, or a hacker?

If a PA copies your contracts folder - was it them, or a hacker?

This unique combination of people and technology provide a highly responsive and cost-effective early warning solution to keep you safe.

ATD's key benefits

Increased threat visibility

that provides early indication of cyber-crime.

Enhanced security

over a traditional (and expensive) SoC service which is acting without the knowledge of your staff.

Cost-effective solution

that augments your IT function and your staff.

Rapid Deployment

without the need of any "bedding in' which normally plagues many complex cyber-security solutions.

Message us to discuss APEX® ATD for your business

I'm excited to extend our comprehensive security services to include ATD and offer our clients an early warning of cyber attacks.

Gavin Russell, CEO, Wavex Technology

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