IT Support London

IT Support London

Available 24/7

Flexibility to meet specific requirements

Technology that improves staff experience and reduces cost

Proactive IT security

Drive innovation

Leading the way in IT support and services

Wavex has been delivering IT support services for over 20 years. The services are designed around the needs of clients and their individual staff. Our certified engineers, backed by the power of our APEX platform, deliver exceptional responsiveness and accountability.

This seamless blend of highly skilled and qualified engineers and our unique technology allow us to deliver an unparalleled level of service and flexibility to our clients.

Flexibility to suit your organisation

Some clients use our technology or IT support services to enhance the capabilities of their existing in-house IT team whereas others use us as their sole IT function.

However, no two organisations are the same, they may require different approval processes, or escalation processes. Our technology allows us to work the way you need us to – providing you complete confidence we align to your requirements.

Staff also have different requirements for IT support and services – some may only use email, others use the full range of office applications, these IT Support London requirements can be individually catered for, this helps to keep your costs down.

Always here to help 24/7

Our IT support London services are available 24/7 either to provide assistance to your staff or respond to our automated IT system monitoring platform, called Life-Signs, which reduces system interruptions by tirelessly watching your server’s performance to provide an early indication of failure.

IT support, your way

Every staff member works differently and therefore prefers to use different IT support London channels. To accommodate all your staff Wavex delivers the full spectrum of IT support channels and some we’ve invented ourselves!

Whether you prefer to pickup the phone and speak to us, email us, use our online portal, our mobile app, a tablet or our unique hotkey instant connect feature, we have you covered. Support is easy to access, responsive, and keeps staff productive.

Speed up and lower the cost of IT support London

An enhanced IT support service does not necessarily mean greater cost. Wavex has invested in building an automation platform into their backoffice operations. This means our IT helpdesk can send recurring IT support activities to the ANA (Autonomous Network Administrator) platform where these are completed reliably in seconds.

For over 20 years, Innovation has always been a core part of the Wavex culture and keeps our IT services delivering value to clients.

Proactive IT security

With the rapid growth of cybercrime and the decentralisation of IT, every IT helpdesk needs to adopt strict IT security procedures to keep its clients safe.

We have also built APEX®Secure which continually reviews every device within every client for security vulnerability, so clients are aware of their risks and suitable remediation activities can be performed.

These are just a few of the proactive IT security measures we deploy to keep our clients safe.

We do not employ staff just to log calls, all of our engineers are qualified and trained to resolve issues as quickly as possible whilst maintaining a high level of customer service. We outperform our contractual response and resolution times, allowing the account management relationship to be focused on how we can help your business as opposed to operational issues.

Gavin Russell,

Wavex, as an ISO27001:2013 accredited organisation, ensures all IT engineers adhere to this stringent security standard when delivering IT services to our clients. And for those clients where cost reduction is important, Wavex can introduce our automation platform to satisfy a large number of staff requests in seconds with minimal cost, reducing IT support costs by up to 20%.

A comprehensive team structure designed with you in mind

Tier 1 Support

Tier 2 Support

Onsite Engineers

Proactive Monitoring

Escalation Team

Problem Management

Service Desk Manager

Service Desk Team Manager

Technical Supervisor

Service Desk Coordinator

Escalation Team

Problem Management

IT support delivered as per your working styles

Wavex recognises that every organisation operates differently and their staff often have their own preferences and working styles. Hence, we offer a wide-range of methods for your staff to efficiently engage with our support teams:


Mobile App



Web (APEX)

Onsite visit

Procurement Portal


Take your first step to outsourcing your service-desk

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Initial Requirements Gathering

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Service On-boarding

Training (where necessary)