Monitoring & Notifications

Monitoring & Notifications

The average cost per hour of IT downtime for businesses is £202,546

Source: Analyst firm Aberdeen Research

Proactively detect and prevent disasters

Enable data driven decisions

Improve end-user experience

Plan and budget for IT upgrades

Wavex can provide a comprehensive collection of monitoring capabilities designed to cover all infrastructure and workplace devices whether it be in the cloud or on-premise.

Each monitoring platform can be customized based upon requirements and risk profiles.


Wavex clients are able to provide an exceptional end user experience to their staff, no matter how they choose to work. Our real-time actionable dashboard allows clients to quickly spot stressed resources, drill-down and investigate them in depth with a click of a button. All incidents are automatically logged in the database for historical analysis.

Jonathan Gill, Technical Pre-Sales Engineer: Wavex Technology

APEX® Life-Signs - Availability and infrastructure monitoring

APEX® Life-Signs provides insights into any networked device to help prevent service impacting events and assist in capacity planning

Life-Signs is our infrastructure monitoring platform designed to provide unparalleled levels of insight and responsiveness.

Life-Signs monitors network availability and bandwidth usage, as well as various other network parameters such as quality of service, memory load, and CPU usage. Life-Signs provides system administrators with live readings and periodical usage trends to optimize the efficiency, layout, and setup of leased lines, routers, firewalls, servers, and other network components.

Life-Signs can monitor the majority of networked devices:

  • Servers (any manufacture)
  • Server Applications (ie Exchange, Databases, Active Directory)
  • Services (application or network)
  • Routers (Availability, throughput, bandwidth, security)
  • Switches
  • Virtual Environments
  • Printers
  • SNMP (Syslog/Traps)
  • WMI scripts


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APEX® MonX - End-user experience

MonX help improve staff productivity through real-time insights into the experience staff are having with their IT environment

Historically IT functions would focus on server availability and health where staff issues were seen as low importance. Wavex believes an IT function should be staff centric.

The APEX® MonX platform provides Wavex unique insights into each user’s experience of their IT environment from login times, application responsiveness to network utilization and latency. This provides IT staff the ability to proactively manage IT based on the user needs as opposed

Troubleshooting Performance Issues

Wavex can quickly spot storage performance issues across multiple layers, from the physical hosts of and Data stores of virtual infrastructures to cloud or physical servers, all the way to specific user sessions and processes. The detection of root cause issues is accelerated by easily correlating performance metrics in real-time. This translates into a superior end-user experience.

Monitoring End-User Experience

Wavex does ensure a better end-user experience. Issues such as slow logon times and application launches can have a dramatic effect on the end-user experience and need to be resolved quickly to avoid frustration. APEX®MonX provides Wavex early detection of issues that might affect the end-user experience. Once issues are detected, APEX®MonX real-time views help Wavex engineers to troubleshoot issues by displaying a breakdown of the logon process into major phases such as User Profile, Group Policy, and Desktop Load times.


Our Infrastructure Monitoring solutions can help you:


Provide real-time monitoring of complex IT infrastructure


Fast root cause analysis and remediation


Analyse applications in your environment for their use and resource consumption


Improve the end-user experience


Reduce risk through improved device visibility

Take the first step to enhancing your monitoring capabilities

  • Speak to Wavex

  • Demonstration of monitoring capabilities

  • Audit to define monitoring scope

  • Financial Business Case / Sign-off

  • Deployment

  • Training & User Acceptance Testing (where necessary)

  • Go-Live