Managed Firewall Services

Managed Firewall Services

Cybercrime damages will cost the world £10.5 trillion annually by 2025

Source: Cyber Security Ventures

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The PaloAlto range of firewalls perform next-generation packet inspection on every bit of data as it enters and leaves the organisation ensuring that risks are minimised while introducing virtually zero latency to network traffic which is vital for telephony or remote desktop technologies.

Key features for Next Gen Firewall

  • Deep visibility and granular control for thousands of applications; ability to create custom applications; ability to manage unknown traffic based on policy
  • User identification and control: VPNs, WLAN controllers, captive portal, proxies, Active Directory, eDirectory, Exchange, Terminal Services, syslog parsing, XML API
  • Granular SSL decryption and inspection (inbound and outbound); per-policy SSH control (inbound and outbound)
  • Networking: dynamic routing (RIP, OSPF, BGP, multiprotocol BGP), DHCP, DNS, NAT, route redistribution, ECMP, LLDP, BFD, tunnel content inspection
  • QoS: policy-based traffic shaping (priority, guaranteed, maximum) per application, per user, per tunnel, based on DSCP classification
  • Virtual systems: logical, separately managed firewall instances within a single physical firewall, with each virtual system’s traffic kept separate
  • Zone-based network segmentation and zone protection; DoS protection against flooding of new sessions

The “front door” to every organisation is their firewall, it moderates all inbound and outbound network communications. Due to the growing sophistication of cyber-attacks it is no longer appropriate for IT engineers to continually configure devices in an increasingly futile attempt to protect an organisation from attack, as soon as changes are made an alternative attack-vector is exploited.

Gavin Russell, CEO: Wavex Technology

Did you know that Wavex uses a specialised technology to continually assess the end-user experience of using IT, which helps to ensure staff can work productively at all times?

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