Manage Risk

Manage Risk


100% organisations that lack big data protection are risking data breaches

Source: Cyber Security Breaches Survey


Uncover, recognise and describe risks that might affect your project or its outcomes.

Analyse & evaluate

Determine the likelihood and consequence of each risk. Decide if it is serious enough to warrant treatment.

Response plan

Assess your highest ranked risks and set out a plan to treat or modify these risks.

Monitor & review

Put a framework around the uncertainty to effectively de-risk your project.

The technology risk management involves identifying, assessing and controlling a range of possible IT threats to an organisation. One of the more prominent cyber security setbacks over the years has been the widespread lack of awareness regarding the threats that could face businesses and the degree of ignorance in some instances. Numerous recent studies revealed that many executives (leaders in the charity sector in particular), chose to ignore the risk of IT threats and decided not to invest in security for quick savings. However, the cost of a data breach is extremely high and still rising, not taking into account the financial damages associated with the lack of customer trust and poor brand image.

The Wavex Solution

Proactively managing risks, as opposed to reactively addressing problems as they occur, helps to keep an organisation operating.

Our managed IT services can be tailored to either provide a range of risk-management services or provide the tools to an existing in-house IT function.

We do not employ staff just to log calls, all of our engineers are qualified and trained to resolve issues as quickly as possible whilst maintaining a high level of customer service. We outperform our contractual response and resolution times, allowing the account management relationship to be focused on how we can help your business as opposed to operational issues.

Jonathan Monks, Product Manager: Wavex Technology

The Wavex IT support solution provides a range of familiar platforms, all seamlessly coming together to form a familiar and modern IT workplace. These include familiar platforms like:

Microsoft Office 365

as your productivity suite

Microsoft Azure

for line-of-business servers

Windows 10

as the end-user operating system

APEX® Secure

to proactively manage vulnerabilities


to power good IT governance

Did you know that Wavex uses a specialised technology to continually assess the end-user experience of using IT, which helps to ensure staff can work productively at all times?

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The Modern Workplace help organisations who are looking to

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Control and secure data

Replace aged infrastructure

Protect against cyber-attacks

Build and maintain a competitive advantage

Take your first step to outsourcing your service-desk

  • Speak to Wavex about your risk requirements

  • Demonstration of capabilities

  • High-level proposal & business case

  • Sign-off

  • Implementation / Professional Services

  • User-acceptance testing & training (where necessary)

  • Improved risk management and controls