Unified Comms - Microsoft Teams

Unified Comms - Microsoft Teams

18.9% reduction in weekly meetings and 14.6% reduction in messaging downtime

Source: Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Teams – Forrester Research

Increase Productivity and Collaboration

Save costs by avoiding business travel for meetings

Implement a modern workplace

Seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft apps

Microsoft Teams helps organize the intra-communications necessary between individuals to achieve a specific goal. All too often organisations rely upon email for collaboration however, this is now considered as outdated, and no longer suitable to empower the collaborative needs of staff.

Microsoft Teams allows users to set up “Teams”, each of which is a group chat room, which are called channels. Channels help pull together the relevant people and information.

Teams is integrated with Microsoft's online office suite Office 365, which means it works seamlessly with other Microsoft Office services, such as Word and Excel, as well as its cloud storage and sharing services such as SharePoint. PowerPoint, OneNote, Planner, Power BI and Delve.

Teams can be used in a number of ways:

Workstream collaboration: If the collaborative work involves process-based work and integration with business applications (sales, marketing, customer service, or HR), then the decision to use Microsoft Teams would revolve around integration and workflow experiences.

Meeting solution: If the collaborative work involves remote work, virtual classrooms, webinars, external presentations, or ad hoc messaging, then Microsoft Teams might be decided based on its audio, video, and telephony capabilities.

Office 365 multipurpose client: If the teamwork scenario uses many Office 365 applications to create content, coordinate projects, or other type of ad hoc collaboration that revolves around Office 365. This way, Microsoft Teams can act as an activity hub for conversations, document handling, and task coordination.

Multiple channels can be created within a Team and to help keep chats easy to follow, conversations are threaded, flow from top to bottom and notify users of updates. If users need face-to-face conversation, they can jump into voice or video chats with a single click.

Jonathan Monks, Product Manager: Wavex Technology

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