Security Operations

Security Operations

Hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day

Source: University of Maryland

Gain a complete view of your organisation’s risk profile

Identify and protect information assets

Ensure compliance with industry standards

Improve performance through proactive risk assessment

The Wavex SOC is delivered in partnership with CNS Group who also act as the SOC for many other large IT providers. This service involves log-shipping event logs from all supported security appliances (firewalls, switches, servers) to the CNS Group Security platform which then performs initial identification and prioritisation.

Any potential security risks are flagged to the CNS Group tier 1 who filter out any false positives. Should the issue still be deemed a security concern these are then passed to Wavex engineering resources to perform appropriate client-side remediation.

No client is identical to the next. It is therefore impossible to create a single process that is ideal for every client. Our development capabilities help us cater our systems and processes to meet a clients specific needs so each client gets the exact service they require which support their internal policies.

Gavin Russell, CEO: Wavex Technology

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