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Cyber Security

How Do You Overcome and Fight Back Against Cyber Attacks

How do you overcome a challenge like cyber security? It’s a question that continues

Tactics of cyber criminals

Cyber criminals have become a serious threat for businesses of all sizes, due to both the sophistication and the frequency of the attacks they carry out.

Protection against cyber attacks – mitigation & response

If last year is anything to go by regarding the rate and sophistication of cyber attacks, 2017 is set to see a marked increase in both

Best practices for making cyber security work

For many organisations their approach to cyber security is very much a reactive one — they’ve experienced

The importance of cyber response strategies in the legal sector

In January 2017, Lloyds Banking Group fell victim to a huge cyber-attack. Hackers operating overseas

What boards must do to mitigate the cyber-attack risk

The unfortunate truth for UK businesses regarding suffering a cyber-attack is that it is not a matter of if, but when.

Industry Innovation

Wavex provides tailored IT solutions to Doughty Street Chambers

Legal IT Newswire: London, UK: 17 May, 2017, Wavex Technology, the IT services provider with a strong focus on user safety and business cyber security

Wavex Launches APEX Secure

Wavex Technology has announced the launch of APEX Secure, its new suite of products and services that brings enterprise

Wavex Technology Announces the Launch of Uniti®, a User-Centric Business IT Service

Wavex Technology, an award-winning London based Managed IT Services provider have partnered with industry leaders

GDPR Complaince

GDPR compliance journey

IT can make the GDPR compliance journey easier, writes Gavin Russell, CEO, Wavex.

Three IT steps to make your GDPR compliance journey smoother

Businesses are constantly having to overcome the various obstacles that come their way

IT can make the GDPR compliance challenge easier

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been a hot topic in the business world

Staff Productivity

Building social capabilities into IT support offerings

When it comes to achieving solid IT support in your business, the answer could be to add a social element to give employees familiarity.

The Role of IT in Remote Working

Remote working used to be limited to simply taking your documents in a briefcase home

Technology’s role in improving work-life balance for remote workers

The ability to work remotely has become a selling point for some organisations as more employees demand it.

IT Strategy

Why all businesses need an incident response plan

There needs to be a change in attitude towards the threat of cyber attacks.

Four tips for businesses considering IT strategy management

Working with a IT provider comes with four main benefits.