Proactive Vulnerability Management

Proactive Vulnerability Management

Small businesses make up to 13% of the entire cybercrime market, yet surprisingly small businesses invest less than £500 in cyber security

Source: Juniper research

Proactively detect and prevent disasters

Enable data driven decisions

Improve end-user experience

Plan and budget for IT upgrades

Wavex proactive vulnerability services are delivered via our APEX® Secure platform. APEX® Secure is a security service that gives you immediate visibility into where your IT services might be vulnerable to the latest threats and how to protect them. It helps you to secure your IT infrastructure continuously and comply with internal policies and external regulations. APEX® Secure checks your servers, computers and other devices for vulnerabilities and helps you identify the patches you need to download to fix them. It keeps track of the security problems it finds for each system and provides graphical reports that tell you which patches to use on which systems so that you can get the most improvement in security for the least effort.

APEX® Secure is fully integrated into the APEX® Risk Register, providing businesses a central repository of a wide range of business risks, their severity, and state of remediation.

Many MSPs (Managed Service Providers) will provide a firewall service (as we do), perform patch management and monitoring (as we also perform). However, the scope of these services is often focused on Microsoft technologies which only represent around 27% of the source of vulnerabilities. We believe the IT sectors general approach is no longer enough which is why we provide clients with vulnerability management services.

And the focus of our vulnerability management service is not simply detection but also providing strong IT governance around the remediation, management, and reporting of risks.

No client is identical to the next. It is therefore impossible to create a single process that is ideal for every client. Our development capabilities help us cater our systems and processes to meet a clients specific needs so each client gets the exact service they require which support their internal policies.

Gavin Russell, CEO: Wavex Technology

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