Autonomous Network Administrator (ANA)

Autonomous Network Administrator (ANA)

Reduce costs by 20% through our end-user request automation solution

Improve productivity

Reduce risks

Save costs

Delight end-users

The entire IT services sector prioritises tickets. This helps them offer an affordable service while still responding quickly to high priority requests. However, when you consider the majority of tickets are a low priority, this totals long delays for end-users. Wavex has built A.N.A., our Autonomous Network Administrator who immediately resolves many of these simple requests.

ANA can communicate with a wide-range of Cloud services from Azure, Office 365, to other 3rd party cloud vendors.

Because APEX® already has information about staff and approvers, ANA can utilize this information to follow your business processes while making the necessary changes in seconds and in the rare times ANA may be unable to complete a request, it is seamlessly passed onto the service-desk to complete the fulfillment manually.

ANA can help reduce overall IT support costs by 20%. And is a core component of the Wavex IT Support engagement model. Whether ANA is used directly by staff or by engineers it still offers superior response and resolution times.

How does ANA work?

Security has been a key consideration in the design of ANA. We use the same communication technology as your online banking (SSL / HTTPS), and in addition to that we use OAUTH2 for authorization web communicating with public services (Office 365, Microsoft Azure and other 3rd party providers). This ensures all communications are encrypted, and endpoints are validated and authorized.

For on-premise infrastructure, Wavex installs a small server application that normally runs on the domain controller (although it can run on alternative servers). This securely communicates with ANA and carries out specific requests. Furthermore, the communication between this Server and the target server is also encrypted.

For cloud infrastructure, Wavex has built ANA to use APIs (Application Program Interfaces). This enables ANA to also communicate with Office 365, Azure and other cloud services in a secure fashion. We therefore need to create the appropriate credentials on cloud infrastructure platforms to enable ANA to securely communicate with these resources.

It used to take us hours to create a new user but with ANA it takes seconds. ANA can be used by engineers or directly by end-users and follows the right approval processes as defined by our clients

Jonathan Gill, Technical Presales Engineer: Wavex Technology

Did you know that using Wavex’s Autonomous Network Administrator (ANA) a significant volume of IT requests can be automated?

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