Symantec End-Point Protection

Symantec End-Point Protection

1 in 3 businesses have reported a cyber security breach. The estimated costs of each is between £300 to £100,000.

Source: Cyber Security Breaches Survey

Effective and accurate antispam protection

Fast protection at the Web gateway

Rapid and reliable recovery

Increase savings and ensure compliance

Symantec End-Point Protection is an industry-leading security-as-a-service that is always up-to-date, easy to manage, and offers advanced protection for users anywhere. It has a single console for endpoint protection, management, mobility, and encryption. The cloud-based solution does not require dedicated IT resources and has a low total cost of ownership.

Symantec Endpoint Protection. Cloud key features below:

Intelligent Protection for the Next Generation of Threats

  • Blocks unknown threats with advanced machine learning and other proven intelligent protection techniques.
  • Protects against ransomware and zero-day attacks in real time with Symantec's global intelligence across 200 million control points.
  • Identifies files by reputation, looking for constantly changing code with Insight.
  • Monitors application behaviour in real time and blocks files with suspicious behaviour with SONAR.
  • Protects Android devices from malware and provides ability to remotely wipe a device.
  • Reduces risk associated with use of external USB devices by disabling them completely or enforcing read-only mode.

Ready to Protect Users in Under 5 Minutes

  • Protects users on any device, anywhere including: PCs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and servers with broad OS support (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android).
  • Combines endpoint protection, management, mobility, and encryption into a single, cloud-based solution.
  • Creates policies based on users that are seamlessly applied to all their devices in a single step.
  • Stays ahead of threats with always-on security service that is automatically updated.
  • Offers flexible deployment options such as self-enrolment or push enrolment for Windows devices. Easily add users to the portal and authenticate them with Directory Sync.
  • Reports device status, threat activity, OS distribution, enrolment insights, and usage information with a fast-action dashboard.

Secure Your Devices for Less than a Dime a Day

  • Delivered as a cloud-based service that requires no additional infrastructure investments.

Symantec ensures endpoint protection by regularly scanning endpoints for security threats. It also stops unauthorized applications and implements strict firewall policies in order to monitor network traffic.

Jonathan Monks, Product Manager: Wavex Technology

Did you know that Wavex uses a specialised technology to continually assess the end-user experience of using IT, which helps to ensure staff can work productively at all times?

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