IT Dashboard: Essential Metrics You Should Measure

IT Dashboard: Essential Metrics You Should Measure
Defining and reporting on KPIs is critical in measuring the efficiency of your IT services and IT support. Good IT metrics are quantifiable measurements that track IT performance, delivery and investments, helping leaders efficiently manage IT operations. IT metrics also help align IT investment to business strategy, customer experience, and cloud optimization, helping leaders determine the value of technology and building confidence in IT performance.


  • Tickets Logged
  • Tickets Resolved
  • Response SLA
  • Resolution SLA
  • SLA Targets
  • Top Incidents
  • Tickets Resolved as a First Time Fix
  • Tickets by contact type
  • VIP Logged/Resolved
  • Feedback


  • Security incidents - dashboard should show if the incident is related to remote access, MS Office, Email, LAN connectivity,3rd party applications, Mac desktop, wireless connectivity, windows server OS, hardware, windows desktop, WAN connectivity etc.
  • Incident Management - any active problems should be listed in the dashboard. Multiple incidents of the same issue will denote a problem. Having a clear view of the incidents will facilitate the root cause analysis with the objective of finding, fixing or stopping incidents from reoccurring.
  • Client Risk Register - Disaster Recovery, Continuity, Internet Outages, Lost business time


  • Active projects
  • Project activity
  • Roadmap activities

Trend Analysis

  • Areas of concern
  • Trends to highlight and implement improvements
  • Reporting that allows customers to see trends of data (over 6 months) - dashboard should be able to demonstrate trends
  • Response and resolution trends

User management

  • Users added per month over the last 12 months - dashboard should show when users joined the business and where added to the system
  • Users active in the system - allows customers to have a quick overview of who’s active in the system and who needs to be disabled


  • Active quotes
  • Rejected quotes
  • What has been bought
  • Licenses due for renewals
  • License and warranty management
  • Tags