Comprehensive IT visibility to enhance your security posture

Comprehensive IT visibility to enhance your security posture
The security challenge for IT service providers is to deliver tools, processes and knowledge that can support customers in combating the growing threat from cyber security in an increasingly interconnected world.

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IT security is complex and a rapidly evolving area, so at Wavex we have been busy building a comprehensive security dashboard which uses a set of industry leading security products to help improve our customers security posture.

Our objective is to create the most comprehensive security dashboard of any managed service provider.

Partnering with global leaders

As with all products we recommend for customers, we have opted to use the global leaders in their respective areas to underpin our security services and dashboards.

Office 365 & Azure – Working with Microsoft to access the dataset within the Microsoft Security Framework, APEX® Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) helps dramatically reduce the time to detect active cyber-attack attempts in Office365 and Azure. ATD uses 150 data-points about risky activities in the Microsoft Security Framework which are typical activities performed by a hacker (ie “user forwarding email to Hotmail”). These are verified with the end-user in real-time, in order to rapidly raise a security incident. The Microsoft Security Framework is one of the strongest and comprehensive solutions in the industry.

Qualys – Industry leader in information security and compliance. The Qualys platform is able to perform a comprehensive security analysis of every device on the network, looking at hundreds of thousands of security metrics and assess each device for risks. Wavex works with Qualys and their scanning engine, to populate the dataset used by our APEX® Secure service. Qualys has won countless awards for their capabilities.

Public Identity – This utilises datasets from a range of industry-sources to determine which of your staff are using their corporate details (name, email addresses, passwords) with 3rd party services (like LinkedIn, Google, Tesco, Netflix, etc.) which subsequently lose their data through a cyber-attack. This means sensitive contact information is then within the hands of hackers which is often used to target cyber-attack attempts. Therefore, these individuals will likely see more phishing emails and other attacks.

NinjaOne RMM – Industry leader in patch management. The NinjaOne RMM platform provides detailed analysis of patching levels of the operating system, windows applications and a number of 3rd party applications (ie Chrome, Adobe Acrobat). This platform and dataset is used by the new APEX®Remote Security Management service.

Microsoft Secure Score – The recommendations tab within the security dashboard utilises the dataset found with Microsoft Secure Score. Secure score provides a number of suggested security enhancements which may be suitable for some organisations.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Policy – Leveraging the DLP dataset within the Microsoft Governance Framework, APEX® ATD detects company data policy breaches and informs the end-user of these events (ie “You have just saved a document containing a credit-card”). DLP can detect medical, financial and PII related data.

IT Risk Register – Multiple Wavex departments maintain a risk register for each clients to help provide visibility into risks. This is in addition to risk registers maintained for projects.
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