New enhancements in Microsoft Teams designed for hybrid working

New enhancements in Microsoft Teams designed for hybrid working
Over the past year, Microsoft has added a host of enhancements to Teams. Here’s how to use some recently introduced features for better Teams video meetings:

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1. Order of raised hands

Ensure that all voices are heard and people feel seen just as in person by seeing the order of raised hands in a meeting. Simply click on the Participants panel to see who raised their hand and in what order. Now you know the order of who to call on first to speak so that no participant is missed.

2. Add description to images in chat

Make your Teams messages more accessible to people with disabilities by adding alternative text to images. You now can add descriptions to images in Teams chat messages by right-clicking on the image and selecting “Add alt text.” This enables people who use screen readers to understand the full content of your message, even if they can’t see the image.

3. Split video layout across multiple screens for Teams Rooms on Windows

Maximize screen real estate in a Teams Room with the ability to split the video gallery across all available displays when content isn’t being shared. Better utilizing the additional space can help focus attention on people joining remotely for a more inclusive and engaging meeting.

4. Meeting room capacity notifications for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows

Teams Rooms can now notify in-room meeting participants if the room is over capacity. IT admins can define meeting room capacity for each Teams Room account and, using data from meeting room cameras that support people-counting, identify how many people are in a room. A banner will automatically appear at the top of the front of room screen to alert participants if the room is over capacity.

5. Teams meeting recordings

Recording meetings in Teams allows you to review what you may have missed and helps others who could not attend catch up on their own time. Microsoft have recently added a number of improvements including:
  • Multi-speed playback – Now you can watch recordings at slower and faster speeds (0.5x up to 2x)
  • High-quality transcripts – Transcripts now have speaker attribution for meetings that have Teams Live Transcription turned on
  • Indexed recordings – Recorded meetings are indexed into easier-to-consume segments based on slide transitions
  • Auto-recording – Meeting owners can set meetings to automatically start recording
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