Improving IT Support through Self-Service

Improving IT Support through Self-Service
The app economy has touched everyone. People can order anything from food to fashion from their phones or laptops. This level of convenience in people’s personal lives is impacting staff expectations in their work lives too.

Consequently, we have found a significant shift in expectations - support issues where a 4-hour window was acceptable are expected to be resolved in 1 hour. We all want to get things done fast, without worrying over how the IT services will be done. As a result of this, staff are asking for self-service technologies, so they can perform a range of IT requests themselves as and when needed. This helps reduce the burden of IT requests on the IT support function while improving the end-user experience and level of productivity as staff no longer need to wait.

Today, businesses want everything now and through a combination of self-service, the right support channels, appropriate device management, and remote support, it is possible to deliver these requirements economically.

A.N.A., our Autonomous Network Administrator, is a unique user-focused self-service solution which can cut clients' IT costs by up to 20% by immediately resolving many simple requests. Whether used directly by staff or by engineers, A.N.A. offers superior response and resolution times.

Some self-service activities that A.N.A. facilitates include:

  • Password reset - this allows anyone in the business to request a password reset for a colleague (i.e. if they are out and about or not able to contact the service desk). The requester or colleague would use the self service "password reset" which would text the necessary user on their mobile phone where they could approve or reject the request. When they respond with "approve" the system will reset their password and within a matter of 1-2 minutes, text them the password.

  • Disable account - let's say that someone within a business is let go at very short notice and perhaps it's very late on the day or even over the weekend, the HR team could use this particular feature to quickly disable said users account there and then. There are security measure in place to ensure that only pre-approved people within the business could use this feature.

  • Self-service and automation is part of our core IT support services offering, with a number of tools designed to empower staff to carry out request activities themselves.

    If you are a decision maker looking to ascertain whether to invest in self-service technologies, message us to find out more about Wavex capabilities.

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