4 tips for hosting safe online meetings and collaborating with Microsoft Teams

4 tips for hosting safe online meetings and collaborating with Microsoft Teams
Whether you are trying to host a town hall or a one-on-one with your team lead, Microsoft Teams allows you to carry out online meetings both efficiently and securely. Here are 4 suggestions you can leverage to host safe and effective online meetings:

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1. Control who can join your Microsoft Teams meetings and present

Meeting organizers can change participant settings for a specific meeting through the Meeting options web page. In Teams, go to your Calendar, select a meeting, and then select Meeting options. From here you can determine settings like who needs to be admitted to the meeting and who can bypass the lobby to join it directly.

2. Minimize Teams meeting disruptions by muting individual or all meeting attendees

In order to prevent meeting disruptions, as a meeting organizer you have the ability to mute individual attendees or all meeting attendees. If an attendee happens to leave their microphone unmuted while being away, you can easily mute that participant from the participant pane. During large meetings or lectures, the ability to mute all attendees ensures your presentation won’t be accidentally interrupted.

3. Determine who can present content or share their screen in your Teams meeting

As the meeting organizer, you can determine who has the ability to present out content or share their screen within the meeting. Once your meeting has begun, you can select a participant via the participant pane to determine whether they have the presenter role or are a standard attendee. This can be especially useful when you have outside participants attending your meeting who may only need the presenter role temporarily.

4. End your Teams meeting for everyone in attendance at once

Once a meeting has wrapped up, instead of clicking Leave, select the dropdown located next to it and click End Meeting. You can also access this by going into your meeting controls, click more options (...) , and select End Meeting. This will end and close the meeting for everyone in attendance.

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