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Cost Management
Carefully managing the on-going costs is important. Many businesses fail to correctly model the data consumption habits which leads to budgets being exceeded early and therefore challenging board discussions.

To assist here Wavex provides clients with simple budget mechanisms (on APEX®). This assigns all IT invoices with an appropriate budget code. The residual budget amounts are then available on the commercial dashboard.

This shared view of budgets helps Wavex provide helpful suggestions about ways of mitigate risks well before the budgeted funds have been depleted.
Uniti® provides a range of commercial reports to assist in reporting and trend analysis, these are:
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Invoice Analysis 
Real-time review of all invoice line-times grouped into sensible cost types (license, infrastructure, support etc.).
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Budget Available 
Real-time review of all invoice line-items grouped into sensible cost types (license, infrastructure, support etc.).
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Invoice Vendor Analysis 
An overview of the various 3rd parties that cover the total monthly invoice (e.g. Microsoft, BT etc.).

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Hosting Unit Analysis 
Analysis of growth of reduction trends of the hosted infrastructure (normally storage or compute power) to facilitate better forecasting and budgeting.
Did You Know
Microsoft Azure is used by 95%
of Fortune 500 companies
Analytics in Azure is up to 14 times faster and costs 94% 
less than other cloud providers.
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