Working from home

Working from home
With more people working from home this should provide some helpful advise. Firstly, establish a good communication network. Use tools like Microsoft Teams but also, these platforms could be overwhelmed, so have a backup plan (ie WhatsApp).

For staff:

Implement a work routine - and stick to it!
  • Morning routine - make sure you plan your day.
  • Set aside specific hours to answer emails, make calls, have lunch and write documents.
  • Designate a workspace in your home. When you’re in it, you’re in "work mode" — and not tempted to grab a snack or walk the dog when you feel fidgety.
  • If you are on a call to a client, make sure you are in a quiet space and there is no interference with background noise - TV, babies etc.
  • Managers should check-in with staff throughout the day.
  • Stay healthy and active - go for a walk /gym at lunch!
  Maintain work connections
  • Make calls rather than sending emails, and keep in contact via video platforms like Teams - manager should arrange regular checks in too.
  Don't Hesitate to ask for what you need
  • If you are struggling or need assistance please speak to your manager/your colleagues.
  • If working from home is new, capture feedback to drive future improvements.
  Systems and tools
  • Make sure you are fully available on collaboration tools/email/phones.
  • Make sure you are comfortable and confident using tools (especially how to forward calls).
  Establish work-life boundaries
  • Reflect on what’s on your plate at home and at work, and discuss the right balance with your partner, family and avoid getting overstretched.