Enable remote working

Enable BYOD and remote working without compromising security:Key Themes 

  • Staff can use any device
  • Work securely from anywhere
  • Protecting your data
  Industry Problem    The world is changing faster than ever before, fuelled by technology so it is of no surprise that those companies that tame technology often do far better than their competition. And one important component of technology is end-user devices. Your staff have a plethora of devices available all designed for different work scenarios – mobile for travel, tablets for data-consumption, laptops for remote data-creation, desktops for desk-based working. And each person often has a preferred device or manufacturer. This poses two discreet challenges for businesses – to empower its staff but also protect its data. By being specific with the device it is easier to protect the data but also negatively impacting some individual’s workflow. The ideal would be to allow people to use anything while at the same time securing the data. The Uniti® Solution The Uniti® solution has the newest remote work and security solutions built into its core. Company data is encrypted and can be remotely wiped* And individuals desktop environment can follow them anywhere enabling staff to use the Microsoft suite of applications or any other line-of-business application on any device (although we wouldn’t recommend writing a proposal on your mobile phone – but technically you can!) Staff can either use their own device, or one in a hotel, or use a company machine, providing staff ultimate flexibility which in turn drives up productivity. Every business is different. Uniti® gives you the flexibility to choose how you staff need to work, and how your data is protected. *To remote wipe the device needs to be turned-on and contactable.