Office 365 and Home Working

Office 365 and Home Working
Many people are familiar with the common Microsoft Office suite of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, but few businesses appreciate the other tools that can help companies move from the world of physical meetings to home working.

Creative meetings

If you are used to drawing up ideas onto a whiteboard with colleagues. Microsoft Whiteboard – helps multiple people do the same thing.

Company meetings

Performing your company meetings via Microsoft Teams is a great way to boost team morale. If you record each meeting you can then share them to anyone unable to attend via Microsoft Stream.

Remote working

If you need to work outside the office on your laptop but need to access company data then Microsoft OneDrive can copy files locally and manage the synchronisation when you are online. Furthermore, if you are online, Word, Excel or PowerPoint files on Microsoft OneDrive can be shared with colleagues who can edit these at the same time as you. Collaboration has never been so easy.

Company newsletters or communications

Instead of sending out emails to all staff, use Microsoft Sway to quickly create interactive presentations that follow specific storylines and render perfectly on desktops, tablets or mobile.

Staff surveys

Get a great understanding of what is working (and what needs improvement) using Microsoft Forms to easily create surveys with built into reporting to analyse the results.

Progressing projects

Progressing projects while everyone is working from home can be challenging. Try using Microsoft Planner as a simple project management platform to assign tasks, measure effort, and demonstrate progress.

One 2 Ones

Performing face to face meetings can be easily done using video over Microsoft Teams, then using Microsoft OneNote to capture actions and conversation topics.
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