5 troubleshooting tech-tips you should know about

5 troubleshooting tech-tips you should know about
Having two different workspaces — one at home and the other at the office — has its perks, but there are also many challenges. Here are some best practices and troubleshooting tips that even non-technical professionals can implement to help you become a more tech-savvy troubleshooter.

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1. Don’t let family members use your work computer

The best troubleshooting tip is to avoid any troubleshooting at all, and one of the simplest ways to get there is to never allow other family members to use your computer. Even unintentionally, their usage behaviors can cause issues. For example, storing cookies in your browser over and over could slow down your computer. If you have to share your computer, create a separate user profile for others to use.

2. Be aware of bandwidth

Working remotely may cause you to have bandwidth issues. If others users in your home may be online, streaming, etc.—they could potentially be using a large amount of bandwidth by doing this and slowing down your entire network. To avoid this, you could cut down on video calls or streaming and use your phone for audio. Per-device data usage is also important if your Internet service provider imposes a bandwidth cap.

3. When in doubt, unplug it

The worst-kept secret among technology professionals is that sometimes it’s faster to turn the device off and back on again than to troubleshoot at all. Sometimes the simplest step is simply to restart your PC/Laptop – although the cause of the original problem will remain unknown, if it gets you working in 10 minutes this is often a worth while sacrifice. Should a reboot not solve the problem consider whether anything has recently been installed by you (or your children!). If software has been installed, then remove this and reboot.

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5. Log off after work

Log off of all corporate apps and networks when you’re done with work for the day. It’s tempting to leave everything hooked up and just walk away, but that doesn’t mean that it’s secure. Unsecured networks and open connections in residential accommodations are an easy way in for hackers.
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