How to fix common Connectivity issues

How to fix common Connectivity issues

Connectivity – Poor or Slow Internet Performance

Things which you can try:

  • Consider peak usage times – Lunchtime and early evenings are periods of the day which may have higher impact on your internet speed, during which times more people sharing your internet service provider (ISP) backbone are likely to be streaming or downloading data.

  • How does the internet perform on another device – If the internet is slow on another device (i.e. laptop, tablet or mobile phone), then it is likely to be related to your ISP or broadband router, and if not then it could be your computer which is causing the problem.

  • How many devices are connected – Check to see how many devices are connected to your home network and consider that each device is potentially consuming available internet bandwidth.

  • Ensure you have sufficient internet bandwidth – Is this in-line with the download/upload speeds provisioned to you in your selected ISP package. To check, go to and run the test; if the download/upload results are far below the expected allowance, contact your ISP to report the issue.

  • Restart your broadband internet router – restarting the router helps to restore optimum internet speed and can be done by simply powering off the router, waiting a couple of minutes and then powering it back on. Please note, never press the reset button on your broadband router, doing so will likely wipe the configuration and will break your internet connection.

  • Try another web browser – It could be that the internet browser which you are using has stored browsing data and history (known as your browser cache). Try browsing from another web browser such as Google Chrome and/or Microsoft Edge.

  • Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) – Sometimes the performance of your internet may be related to the service or backbone of your internet service provider. Log a call and report the nature of your internet issues so that the technical team can perform the relevant checks.
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