Are you having problems sending or receiving emails? Here's what you should do.

Application – Outlook (Problems Sending or Receiving Email)

Things which you can try:

  • Check to ensure you have internet access - Your e-mail client (i.e. Microsoft Outlook) will not be able to process e-mail if you are not connected to Microsoft’s servers online.

  • Using a VPN - If you access e-mail over a VPN connection, ensure the VPN is connected otherwise you will not be able to send or receive e-mail.

  • Restart your e-mail client - Close and reopen Outlook so that connectivity is re-established with Microsoft’s servers.

  • Outlook connectivity status – Check the connection status on the bottom right-hand side of the Microsoft Outlook window. Ideally you will want to see that it says “Connected to: Microsoft Exchange”, however there may be warnings such as “Disconnected” or “Needs password” which will require further action.

  • Login username & password - Please ensure that you are using your latest, up-to-date credentials. Expired passwords will no longer authenticate your access and may disconnect you from the Microsoft e-mail servers until the correct credentials have been applied.
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