The "New Normal" - A Workplace Survey Insight


We’ve recently asked our clients and associates their views on the effects of the pandemic and how it might change their approach to work in the future. Overall, respondents were cautious about the speed at which employees would return to work from the office post Covid-19 lockdown. 81% of the London-based companies are planning a phased return to work approach, enabling employees to re-enter the workplace gradually, in stages.

Health & Safety precautions

All businesses confirmed that they intend or, otherwise, had already put precautions in place to prevent the risk of a second outbreak, in compliance with government issued health and safety guidelines, and visits to business premises would be conducted in line with social distancing regulations. Common measures include making personal protective equipment (PPE) available to staff (54%), increased hygiene measures including frequent cleaning and supplying hand sanitisers (45%), installing safety screens (36%) and enforcing staggered work times (18%).

Covid-19 Precaution Measures

Changing work patterns

In terms of working patterns it seems 63% of respondents already have members of staff who are back in their office, but a significant proportion, 27%, are not expecting to return before September and the reminder 9% are unlikely to return to the office in 2020 altogether.

Return to office

Workplace impact

After having to embrace remote working, a significant proportion of respondents have reconsidered how much space they will need in the future. 9% said they have had to downsize their workplace as a result of Covid-19 and a further 18% see it possible to reduce their office space in the next 6 to 12 months as a consequence.

Commuting after Covid-19

The ways in which people travel to work was also of concern. The majority of London offices, 54%, already have adequate bike storage in place and a further 36% are able to make arrangements to accommodate employees looking to cycle to work as an alternative to using public transport.

Bike Arrangements

Will working from home become the new norm post Covid-19?

The pandemic is likely to cause a permanent increase in remote working even after lockdown. A  staggering 55% of organisations expect half or more of their workforce to continue working from home in the long run. With this huge change in remote working capacities, businesses will need to make sure they can support their employees adequately, and so many will move to more flexible, modern workplace models.

Overall, insights gathered from companies paint a cautious picture and changes to working patterns seem very likely with a move to greater flexibility in the form of working from home, reduced travel and, in some cases, reduced office space.

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