Wavex is a finalist in 2 categories at Computing's Security Excellence Awards 2021

Wavex is a finalist in 2 categories at Computing's Security Excellence Awards 2021
Wavex has been announced as a finalist in two categories at the annual Computing’s Security Excellence Awards. APEX® Secure, our end-to-end security solution which fills an important gap in the SME market, has been shortlisted for SME Security Solution Award. Meanwhile, APEX® ATD, an innovative solution which monitors risky IT behaviours and offers clients an early warning of cyber threats, has been shortlisted in the category of Enterprise Threat Detection.

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APEX® Secure shortlisted for SME Security Solution Award

With the rapid rise in cyber-crime in recent years, Wavex has built APEX® Secure, a solution for SMEs that assesses IT security vulnerabilities across all endpoints. Any detected vulnerabilities are prioritised and trigger appropriate remediation paths.

Our APEX® Secure solution is designed to cover the main areas from which the vast number of security incidents originate. By managing these vulnerable aspects of an organisation's infrastructure and making the necessary changes, Wavex reduces clients' risk profile.

APEX® Secure provides clients greater transparency, broad visibility and insights into their security posture. It includes a dashboard that delivers interactive and comprehensive reports, allowing IT managers and other users to see all the vulnerabilities across their IT infrastructure, as well as specific vulnerabilities across individual computers and devices. This helps businesses take a more proactive and effective approach towards cyber security issues.

We believe this end-to-end solution fills an important gap in the market – where few services exist that complete the entire security chain, leaving any solution missing important stages which the client is expected to address themselves, or find expensive, alternative products. It is simple to set up, deploy, and manage and delivers an affordable solution to SME businesses at an attractive price point.

APEX® Advanced Threat Detection shortlisted for Enterprise Threat Detection Award

Data breaches can be difficult to identify. It takes companies 228 days on average, to detect a cyber-breach, according to IBM's Cost of Data Breach 2020 Report.

APEX® Advanced Threat Detection leverages the Wavex APEX® platform to monitor risky IT behaviours and offer clients an early warning of cyber threats.

Most data breaches can go undetected for months, leaving hackers unhindered to cause wide-spread damage. Despite the availability of data highlighting potentially risky user behaviours, many of the indicators of a breach could also be legitimate staff activity. It has, therefore, been difficult for a security service to respond appropriately without having an ongoing dialogue with staff, which would be time-consuming for both parties.

APEX® ATD continuously monitors risky IT behaviours, capturing alerts from Azure & Office 365. Depending on the activity, it then validates risk with relevant teams in your organisation (staff, managers, the IT department) who receive detailed notifications directly to their desktop. If the actions are not by staff, then it must be a hacker. When the notifications appear, staff need only click on “Investigate” and appropriate remediation is performed. Reducing 228 days to mere minutes.

About Computing's Security Excellence Awards

Computing's Security Excellence Awards celebrate the achievements of the IT industry's leading security companies, solutions, products and personalities - which keep every other part of the industry operating. The award is run by Computing, one of the UK’s premier tech publications, and entries are judged by an expert panel.

The winners will be announced at a virtual award ceremony taking place on the 1st of December 2021. The full list of finalists is available here.
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