Reduce IT costs by up to 20% with an award-winning self-service solution

Reduce IT costs by up to 20% with an award-winning self-service solution
Wavex has developed A.N.A., a unique user-focused self-service solution which can cut clients' IT costs by up to 20% while improving staff IT experience and in doing so, has been awarded “Most Innovative Use of Automation” by Computing Magazine.

Whereas most automation is designed for servers and infrastructure, Wavex believes more innovation is needed to improve services for staff, especially those working remotely.

A.N.A., our Autonomous Network Administrator, immediately resolves many simple requests helping reduce overall IT costs by 20% and offering a fast and efficient resolution time for clients. The award offered by Computing Magazine comes in recognition that A.N.A. is a fresh new use of automation; one that has unlocked business potential and made a notable difference for staff.

A.N.A. has been designed to work with all major technologies (on-prem & cloud infrastructure) and allows further development, e.g. tailor-made automation for HR departments for specific actions. With all communication being encrypted, and endpoints validated and authorised, the highest level of security is guaranteed. A.N.A. has also been built to use APIs in order to communicate with Office 365, Azure and other cloud services in a secure fashion.

A.N.A. is just one of several unique capabilities Wavex clients enjoy as part of our Modern Workplace Solution.

A.N.A. can reduce costs by 20%

Improve productivity

Reduce risks

Save costs

Delight end-users

Modern Workplace

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