Wavex is a finalist for the Security Innovation of the Year award at the UK IT Industry Awards

Wavex is a finalist for the Security Innovation of the Year award at the UK IT Industry Awards
We are delighted to announce that Wavex is a finalist for the Security Innovation of the Year 2021 as part of the Technology Excellence category of the UK IT Industry Awards.

In selecting us as a finalist, the jury have recognised Wavex for organisational excellence and for helping shape the future of IT through innovation.

APEX® Secure, Wavex's SME solution nominated for Security Innovation of the Year 2021

Wavex has built APEX® Secure, the solution put forward for the Security Innovation of the Year award, to provide SMEs with comprehensive and cost-effective technology that assesses IT security vulnerabilities across all endpoints. Any detected vulnerabilities are prioritised and trigger appropriate remediation paths. APEX® Secure proactively checks security configuration, application and patching levels to determine vulnerabilities and minimise risks. It automatically reviews every single piece of technology on every network. Similar to a penetration test, these are then distilled down to high-level recommendations available on the APEX® platform dashboards to be viewed by clients, at any time.

APEX® Secure provides clients greater transparency, broad visibility and insights into their security posture. It includes a dashboard that delivers interactive and comprehensive reports, allowing IT managers and other users to see all the vulnerabilities across their IT infrastructure, as well as specific vulnerabilities across individual computers and devices. This helps businesses take a more proactive and effective approach towards cyber security issues.

It also provides clear insights into what each vulnerability is, the risk it presents and the other computers or devices (if any) that are suffering from the same issue. All vulnerabilities are rated on a scale of one to five — one being the least worrying issues and five being the most serious — which helps businesses prioritise their security efforts.

We believe this end-to-end solution fills an important gap in the market – where few IT support services exist that complete the entire security chain, leaving any solution missing important stages which the client is expected to address themselves, or find expensive, alternative products. It is simple to set up, deploy, and manage and delivers an affordable solution to SME businesses at an attractive price point.

APEX® Secure delivers measurable success for clients

APEX® Secure uses security best practices to improve IT safety while reducing costs for our clients in a number of ways:

  • It maximizes employees’ time by validating security threats through pop-up alerts sent to relevant people in the client's organisation, and ultimately creating savings in the long run through operational efficiency.
  • It helps reduce time from threat encounter to containment, thus reducing potential losses. According to IBM's 2020 Cost of Data Breach report, it took companies around 228 days to detect a cyber-breach in 2020 and the longer a breach goes undetected, the more data can be compromised and the larger the overall impact – financial, legal and reputational. The same report found that containing a breach in under 200 days can lead to average savings of $1 million.
  • It keeps operating costs down (only 20% of a traditional SoC) while providing a more responsive service.
  • It's an affordably priced solution at an attractive price point for SME businesses.

About the UK IT Awards

The UK IT Industry Awards are the largest and most well-known event in the technology industry calendar. Owned and operated by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and Computing, the awards enjoy a level of professionalism and industry knowledge not seen at other shows. From transport apps and online shopping baskets to literally saving lives, modern IT impacts all of us.

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and Computing exist to celebrate the role of the IT team: the positive impact it has on business and the wider world. As a brand, they champion that, and the UK IT Industry Awards are there to recognise and lionise the people who are creating a better world through IT.

The Security Innovation of the Year award is offered to an innovative new product or service that has delivered measurable benefit for customers in areas such as IT security, data protection, information management, risk management, business continuity, cybersecurity or disaster recovery.

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