Our new security solution, APEX® Advanced Threat Detection (ATD), helps companies detect breaches in minutes

Our new security solution, APEX® Advanced Threat Detection (ATD), helps companies detect breaches in minutes
We're pleased to announce the launch of APEX® Advanced Threat Detection (ATD), a completely new solution that leverages our APEX® platform to monitor risky IT behaviours and offer clients an early warning of cyber threats.

Most data breaches can go undetected for months, leaving hackers unhindered to cause wide-spread damage. According to a report by IBM, it took companies 228 days, on average, to identify breaches in 2020. The need for early and accurate threat detection is now more vital than ever.

Despite the availability of data highlighting potentially risky user behaviours, many of the indicators of a breach could also be legitimate staff activity. It has, therefore, been difficult for a security service to respond appropriately without having an on-going dialogue with staff, which would be time-consuming for both parties when most alerts are benign.

APEX® ATD continuously monitors risky IT behaviours, capturing alerts from Azure & Office 365. Depending on the activity, it then validates risk with relevant teams in customers' organisation (staff, managers, or the IT department) who receive detailed notifications directly to their desktop.

"Have you just forwarded your email to Hotmail?"

"Have you just deleted a lot of data?"

If the actions are not by staff, then it must be a hacker. When the notifications appear, staff need only click on "Investigate" and appropriate remediation is performed. Reducing 228 days to mere minutes.

"With most businesses now capitalising on the benefits of Office 365 and Azure, the fight against cyber-crime has shifted away from the office network and into the Cloud. Businesses relying on a firewall and antivirus are no longer secure. APEX® ATD complements our growing arsenal of security solutions which are all designed to help keep our clients safe and ahead of the rapidly changing threat landscape," said Gavin Russell, Wavex CEO.

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