4 IT Resolutions for 2021

4 IT Resolutions for 2021
2020 taught us all that agility and having the right tools, technology, and processes in place is no longer a luxury, but rather, a necessity. As the new year takes shape, here are 4 New Year’s resolutions to help your business:

1. Security

Resolve to improve your security and be able to demonstrate how secure your organisation is to your board. Ensure you always have 24/7 cover and aren't left vulnerable by staff absences. If your organisation needs to alleviate the pressure on in-house IT, set out to consider outsourcing options.

2. Cloud

Remove legacy servers and fully adopt cloud, saving money. If your organisation is constrained by legacy software, 2021 is the time to consider migrating to harness cloud services. Modern cloud platforms such as Azure can unlock cost savings, grow innovation capacity and offer strategic advantages. As a Microsoft Gold Cloud partner, Wavex can provide a range of cloud management and migration capabilities irrespective to the current location of your infrastructure.

3. Support

Modernise your IT support ensuring it's designed for a distributed workforce. In 2020, the world shifted towards mass remote working and some of the most innovative companies fully adopted distributed work environments, making it clear that this is the future. To thrive in this new paradigm, businesses need to create an employee experience that works for a fully distributed workforce. This involves supporting a remote workforce easier with the right IT help desk and remote support tools.

4. Productivity

Learn how to use some of the new Microsoft apps that you are already paying for on Microsoft 365. Microsoft's Office 365 comes stacked with lots of features that can help save time, making processes more efficient and helping you communicate with team members faster.

Embrace innovation in 2021

Harvard Business Review found that companies that embrace digital technology innovation experience nearly 20% higher gross margin. The new year brings new opportunities to make your organisation more secure and your teams more connected and engaged by embracing the modern workplace and the benefits it can offer.
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