Maintain cyber resilience in a Microsoft-dependent world

Maintain cyber resilience in a Microsoft-dependent world
Organizations continue to adopt Microsoft’s cloud platform at a rapidly growing pace. Given the benefits of Microsoft365 the trend is hardly surprising. The platform makes it easy to improve business functions, the software stays updated, and the service improves economies of scale. Unfortunately, however, there’s a catch.

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Proactive protection for Microsoft 365

The more successful Microsoft 365 is, the more companies adopt it, which makes it an extremely attractive target for attackers. With almost 300 million users on the platform at the end of 2020, every user added to Microsoft365 increases the incentive for malicious actors to target Microsoft. When it comes to protecting the most critical communications channel “good enough” security simply isn’t. Wavex, together with our partner Mimecast, can help you improve your Microsoft 365’s cyber resilience:
  • Protect your email with industry leading security
  • Deploy a “second lock to pick” for threat actors
  • Train your employees to strengthen your human firewall
  • Protect your brand and domain beyond your perimeter
  • Integrate rich threat intelligence into your security ecosystem
  • Keep email flowing even when Microsoft is down
  • Automate independent post compromise mitigation
  • Make email compliance fast & easy
  • Extend protection with robust web security & shared intelligence
Email continues to be the most universal communication tool and with the shift to remote working, users rely on it more than ever, reply faster, and open links and attachments quicker than before. Cyber criminals are clearly taking advantage of user behavior and emotions – in the first 100 days of the pandemic, Mimecast saw email attacks rise by over 30%. End users are often undertrained on security and attacks use sophisticated techniques designed to dupe the users, which is why over 90% of security incidents involve human error.

Stay ahead of the attackers and contact Wavex to discuss how we can help you improve your Microsoft365 security.
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