A CEO’s Guide

Five warning signals that mean it's time to modernise your workplace.

A CEO’s Guide

Five business signals that mean it's time to modernise your workplace.

  1. Struggling to support the demands of your remote workers and road warriors.Are your employees able to work efficiently from remote locations without compromising on security? Remote work is changing how the global workspace operates. More and more employees are working in remote positions, either full-time or some days of the week, with a large percentage of the workforce looking towards finding job opportunities with flexible schedules. Inability to embrace this growing demand means you could be losing out on some great talent.
  2. You had a recent security incident which compromised your confidential data.During an IT security check you identified a data breach which targeted one of your email account. Data breaches are becoming more and more common these days. There’s a better way to avoid these breaches. With Microsoft 365, you get advanced cybersecurity, data protection, and device management capabilities which allows you to control which devices and users can access business information, apply security policies to protect data on iOS and Android devices, keep company data within approved apps on mobile devices and remove business data from lost or stolen devices with selective wipe.
  3. Your competitors have more success attracting and retaining talent.The digital age has transformed behaviours and communications, and the younger generations needs and wants at work are radically different to what the workplace has ever seen before. Businesses need to act now to ensure they have a strong and positive culture that communicates their vision and values to attract the Millennials and Gen Z. A culture you can build by transitioning to a modern workplace.
  4. Spending too much on travel for business meetings.Are you spending a large amount of your budget on travel for face-to-face meetings? With the use of Office 365’s collaboration solutions, you can use Skype for Business and Teams for meetings across geographies, ranging from small to large groups, with no travel involved.
  5. Feeling the effects of an ageing IT estate slowing you down.While retaining legacy IT gear can help keep expenses down, hidden costs exist everywhere. The inability to deploy new applications can limit business growth, and supporting end-of-life gear can be a drain to IT staff. Firms can be backed into a corner where the inflexibility of aging IT estate limits choices, and ultimately impacts revenue.


The way we work is changing; employees want to interact with business systems in the same way as their consumer apps. A Modern Workplace enables this by providing access to data in ways that modern IT users want.

We have created a guide just to help CEOs understand how building a modern workplace can help them gain a competitive advantage, reduce operating costs, increase security, improve staff productivity and most importantly how.

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