Be secure & compliant always

Key Themes
  • Data and staff security
  • Helping meet regulatory requirements
Industry Problem With a growing number of security threats and regulations, running a business gets more complicated each year. Businesses must tackle GDPR, and change how they manage their data, in particular that which relates to individuals. Many organisations have to adhere to a range of regulations or maintain voluntary certifications like ISO27001 which helps them demonstrate their alignment to various standards. In fact, a lot of running a business is not related to “the business”. This growing volume of IT requirements can have a negative impact on profitability as more staff hours are directed to managing these requirements. Uniti® Solution The Uniti® solution includes services that assist clients in both security and regulations. Security – This is a fundamental part of the Uniti® solution. Firstly your data is backed-up multiple times every day and replicated to two data-centres. Data is encrypted and staff devices can be centrally managed. Uniti® also performed a monthly review of every single device on your network – printers, mobile phones, PCs, everything!. And assess these against a growing list of vulnerabilities which provides each client a “risk” value. Regulations – Part of Uniti® is the IT Governance, Risk & Compliance module, this provides Uniti® clients the means to run their audits and manage their observations. As opposed to having a lot of spreadsheets, all the data is secured online with various reports helping senior managers review their position. Furthermore, Wavex has created a number of additional tools to supplement the Uniti® service. Tools that can look through all your data for personal identifiable information to assist with GDPR compliance. And tools to help clients get a better understanding of how they are consuming data.