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In today’s age of hyper-connectivity, increasing data-protection legislation, and growing incidents of cybercrime, security has never been so critical for businesses large or small. The majority of businesses only have a minority of their technology managed from a security perspective – in fact only around 27% (*Secunia vulnerability review 2015).

Line-of-business applications, finance systems, printers, mobile phones, switches, desktops, and servers are found in every business with a range of different providers responsible for their upkeep. Wavex has been alarmed how few of these are configured correctly, often unknowingly leaving open huge security vulnerabilities.

Printers that allow a remote user to read what is being printed despite it sitting in the CEOs office. Mobile phones that provide hackers access to the network via 4G. And desktops highly vulnerable to ransomware attacks. These are a few of the more common issues.

Wavex is one of the first providers to integrate security into its standard service offering. We built our APEX® platform with security at its heart. The IT sector’s general approach is no longer sufficient which is why we have launched our new range of preventative and proactive security services. The focus of our services is not simply detection but also providing strong governance around the remediation, management, and reporting of risks.

As always, we have designed solutions only found in large enterprises and developed these for smaller organisations, ensuring they meet both commercial and technical requirements.

APEX® Secure is a suite of products and services, fully integrated into the APEX® family of services, providing businesses a central repository of a wide range of business risks, their severity, and state of remediation.

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