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IT Support for London companies
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We make IT simple, reliable and useful, ensuring you don’t pay more than
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For over 20 years, we have delivered IT Support Services for companies in London of all sizes. We are here to help you navigate all the complexities surrounding IT and to show you how technology can empower your business even more.

We build technology infrastructures, solutions and roadmaps that enable your business to thrive and become more resilient. And we do all this whilst making sure everything day to day runs smoothly.

We build technology infrastructures, solutions and roadmaps that enable your business to thrive and become more resilient. And we do all this whilst making sure everything day to day runs smoothly.

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What makes us a leading IT support company

20 years industry experience

Proactive and Responsive approach to Cybersecurity

Remote and Onsite IT Support

Transparent & Predictable IT Costs

ISO27001, Microsoft Gold Partner, Tier 1 Azure Cloud Provider

Our performance in numbers


security incidents averted by APEX Secure (last 30 days)

2,699 hours

ahead of SLA target (last 6 months)


positive feedbacks from customers (last 6 months)

0.3 seconds

fastest request resolution time*

*Using our ANA platform. Results as of January 1st 2022.

How do we do it

Above & beyond the SLA

We strive to always be ahead of the contractual SLA targets, but there is one important metric that isn’t measured by the SLA: The User Experience. That’s why we offer the “Staff Satisfaction Guarantee”.

Your staff’s ability to perform is directly linked to the stability of the IT infrastructure. We ensure their interactions with our support engineers are seamless and swift

Full spectrum 24/7 IT support

We operate on a seamless blend of highly skilled, qualified engineers and our own in-house technology to deliver an unparalleled level of service and flexibility to our clients.

Whether you prefer to pick up the phone and speak to us, email us, use our online portal, our mobile app, a tablet or our unique hotkey instant connect feature, we have you covered. Support is easy to access, responsive, and keeps staff productive.

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The Apex Dashboard

APEX® is unique to the Wavex service offering. It is an end-user facing interface accessible via the web.

This provides end-users a range of IT services from raising issues, buying equipment, starting cyber-response processes, testing security, or instigating a new-user or leaver process. It can also be accessed via a mobile device providing enhanced accessibility to users who are out and about.

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Protected against cyber attacks

APEX® Security Dashboards

The Wavex solution

Having good security is about understanding your risks and most organizations do not know their current risk profile

We provide a comprehensive overview of your current cyber-security risks from vulnerabilities of devices, we check whether your data is in the public domain, we check the state of your patching and antivirus, we provide insights into the health of Office 365 and real-time insights into hacking attempts.

Jonathan Monks, Wavex Security Product Manager:

Our security services fall into two categories – proactive and responsive. Proactive activities are designed to reduce the likelihood of future risks and responsive services are designed to provide a rapid response once a serious issue occurs.

Client Testimonials

Client Stories

Hear from Mike Proudlock, Head of IT at The Royal College of Surgeons of England about what made Wavex stand out among other MSPs and how we're helping his organisation through a cloud-centric transformation.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England

Wavex came up at the top of the pile in terms of the totality of what we were looking for; cost, service level and cultural fit. What made Wavex stand out was the cultural fit, the size match that said this is the company we want to do business with.

Mike Proudlock
Head of IT, The Royal College of Surgeons of England
Harvey & Brockless

The personal touch is what differentiates Wavex from other companies. Wavex made us feel that they’re part of our company. My users can call Wavex and speak to IT professionals as if they were working in-house. That is what makes Wavex different from other competitors.

Stella Coudjoe
Financial Controller, Harvey & Brockless

We partnered with Wavex to modernise our IT infrastructure in early 2020. The project was well-planned, executed admirably and stayed on course despite the lockdown. Wavex are a pleasure to deal with, highly recommended!

Neil Banarsee
IT Manager, Rapidity

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