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Looking for excellence in IT Services?

Wavex is an IT services company, founded in 1998, delivering award-winning IT services to businesses where IT is of critical importance.

Our clients are normally seeking to extend existing IT capabilities, or looking for a partner to manage everything. Our services, underpinned by our APEX®platform, are quick to deploy and immediately help clients to transform IT, reducing risks, improving the end-user experience and delivering measurable business value.

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A few of the unique benefits of partnering with Wavex...

  • Staff focus - A seamless end-user experience with multiple ways to engage with support (chat, phone, mobile app, keyboard hotkey, email). A service that suits your working style.
  • Experience - We have a large team of professional engineers and architects who speak your language
  • Collaborate - If you already have in-house IT staff then they can access the same systems as our engineers which means we can all work seamlessly together.
  • Responsive - Industry leading response times - engineers that deal with your issue immediately
  • Forward-Thinking - Use ANA (Autonomous Network Administrator) built to carry out your requests immediately 24/7/365 (of course, you can always speak to a human) and many other market leading capabilities.
  • Regulations - Perform audits of your IT and all the work carried out. We have also created a free GDPR discovery tool for our clients to help them profile their data.
  • Flexible - Due to the sophistication of our operational systems (APEX®) we can change our processes to meet your exact business requirements (e.g. your own new-user, leaver, approval processes).
  • Competitive - Competitive and predictable commercials with invoices on-line and your own "commercial performance dashboard" to review all your IT charges in real-time.
  • Business/Strategic guidance - We believe that IT must be delivered in context with your business objectives. We provide all clients a dynamic roadmap to demonstrate their next 12 months of IT activities.
  • Transparent - Real-time reports and full access to all the same systems as our own engineers. We believe partnership has to be built upon transparency.
  • Secure - Security is built into our systems and our processes. We provide clients (APEX Secure) our industry leading vulnerability detection platform. Be safe in the knowledge this covers your entire IT estate.

If I.T. is critical to you, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements and how we can work together.

If you want to read more about why clients choose Wavex then please click here

Wavex overview


  • Founded in 1998 and based central London (City) 

  • Customer-service centric approach

  • A great bunch of highly qualified engineers, technical architects and service-delivery managers

  • Amazing world-class systems and winner of many many awards

  • Creators of APEX - an industry leading platform designed to vastly improve the delivery of IT services to clients.

  • Security built into all service offerings (APEX Secure)

  • Services align to client requirements (not one-size fits all.)

  • Excellent 3rd party relationships like Microsoft, Cisco, Sungard and more.

  • Thousands of client testimonials

  • London's first Microsoft Client Immersion Experience (in our offices)

If you want to know how great your IT can be - talk to Wavex


Sales: +0845 644 8060
HelpDesk: +0845 226 8182
Abroad +44 845 226 8182
Email: tellmemore@wavex.co.uk
Wavex Technology Ltd
Kingsfield House
66 Prescot St,
London, E1 8HG

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