Reinforce strategy and governance with turn-key automation.

Unlock comprehensive and intelligent compliance for your business.
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Strategy & Governance
Wavex provide a range of capabilities designed to assist companies with strategies (audit, budgeting, commercial reporting, M&A, on-boarding, growth, expansion, support). 
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IT that aligns with your business strategy
Ensuring that IT aligns to both the organisations’ strategy but also market trends provides the best balance between empowering the organisation while minimising technical debt.
At Wavex we believe strategy is not something that can be done once but is most effective when proactively managed
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Spot trends, anticipate demand and understand your business better
When key parts of your business are connected, your people can do more, and your business will grow. Uniti® can help connect the pieces of your business and reveal insights about your customers, operational processes, and your best path for growth.
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GDPR Compliance
Wavex has created unique tooling to enable an audit of person identifiable information (PII). This helps provide an overview of the level of GDPR compliance across an organisations datasets. 

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When it comes to governance and compliance, you need to know where and how your data is stored and who has access to it and when. Uniti® leverages Microsoft Azure to ensure that your data remains your own, in a private space that you rent each month on a multi tenant environment.
User Training
Getting staff trained and using the systems is critical in maintaining value. Wavex has a “client advocacy” department focused at developing staff and assisting them in getting the most value out of the systems available.

Wavex also has a number of training partners if a more formal training approach is necessary.

With user-behaviours and email now being a larger security concern, Wavex has developed a benign phishing-email platform which sends to staff plausible phishing emails (those trying to extort or illicit a particular action) and measures their response. This is ideal in helping to minimise “real” issues in future.
Uniti® is designed to help you achieve more 
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With Uniti®, teams achieve more by working together effectively in their own unique way.

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Designed for today’s workplace, Uniti® protects your organization, your data, and most importantly, your people.

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With analytics and intelligence at its core, Uniti® gives you the insights and assistance you need to do your best work every day.

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With a seamless experience across your devices, Uniti® empowers you to get more done wherever work takes you.

Did You Know
Microsoft Azure is used by 95%
of Fortune 500 companies
Analytics in Azure is up to 14 times faster and costs 94% 
less than other cloud providers.
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